Stephen L. Timme Excellence in Botany Award

Common Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha)

By Manfred Morgner (ka-em-zwei-ein) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

About Stephen L. Timme


Dr. Stephen Lee Timme, a bryologist, was Emeritus Professor of Botany and Director of the T.M. Sperry Herbarium at Pittsburg State University. He was a KNPS board member from 1990-2006.

One of Stephen’s outstanding accomplishments was promoting what has become our Annual Wildflower Weekend – a three-day annual meeting that includes workshops, outings, and other social activities to increase attendance and promote education. 

He also led the first formal effort to change our organizational name from the Kansas Wildflower Society to the Kansas Native Plant Society. Stephen’s idea was endorsed by the membership in 2005.

Stephen also  established the Excellence in Botany Award. Posthumously, this award was named in his memory in 2012. 

About the Award


This annual award is given to an individual  who has made  significant contributions to botany in the state of Kansas in the form of research or education.


  • The award is given annually.
  • The deadline for nominations is July 1.
  • Each recipient receives the award at the KNPS Annual Meeting, held each fall as part of the Annual Wildflower Weekend.


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