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Little Bluestem Bookmarks

About the Bookmarks

KNPS has two sets of Little Bluestem bookmarks for you to download and print. One set features the characters from "Little Blue's Story", and the other features pictures of little bluestem throughout the seasons.

Instructions for Printing

To print Little Bluestem bookmarks, we suggest cardstock for a more sturdy bookmark and better quality photos.  Or download one or both of these files and take them on a portable memory device to a print business.  Ask them to print and cut the bookmarks. The seasonal Little Bluestem are four to a page and the cartoons of Little Blue and Friends are five to a page. If you have questions, would like help or don't have the resources to print, please contact us.

Characters from "Little Blue's Story" Bookmarks

Download & Print Little Blue's Story Character Bookmarks (PDF)


Little Bluestem Seasonal Bookmarks

These bookmarks show Little Bluestem through the seasons.

Download & Print Little Bluestem Seasonal Bookmarks (PDF)


First bookmark photo by Valerie Wright. Other bookmark photos by Sally and Andy Wasowski, from The WIldflower Center"

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