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Little Bluestem Scavenger Hunt

About the Scavenger Hunt

This is a research scavenger hunt for information about Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium). 

Download the Scavenger Hunt

Download the Little Bluestem Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. Has Little Bluestem been reported as growing in nature in your county?
  2. Approximately how tall is Little Bluestem when full grown?
  3. Why is this grass called “Little Bluestem”?
  4. Why is Little Bluestem able to survive during dry years?
  5. List two common names (besides Little Bluestem) that Schizachyrium scoparium has been called.
  6. On which kind(s) of prairie(s) is Little Bluestem typically found? short grass prairie ( ), mixed grass prairie ( ), tall grass prairie ( ).
  7. List two uses Native Americans made of Little Bluestem.
  8. What is the location (be as precise as possible) of the clump of Little Bluestem that grows nearest to your school building? How far is it from your school?
  9. List a specific place where one can buy Little Bluestem seeds or plants.
  10. If pasture/prairie where Little Bluestem is growing is over grazed, what is the impact on Little Bluestem?
  11. Name any and all states that have chosen Little Bluestem as their Official State Grass.
  12. Give the Latin name of the plant family to which Little Bluestem belongs.
  13. Name two attractive butterflies (skippers) whose larvae live and feed on Little Bluestem.
  14. What does the Latin name “scoparium” mean in English?
  15. On what part of the main stem of Little Bluestem do you find side branches?
  16. Tell what an “awn” is and what the awns look like on Little Bluestem.
  17. What was the scientific name for Little Bluestem in 1936?
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