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Visit Little Bluestem

Can you find Little Bluestem

little bluestem

Would you and your class like to take a walk to visit Little Bluestem? She lives near your school and near your home. Little Bluestem has seeds with fluffy wings that are picked up by the wind and find a place where the soil is good enough to grow. The seeds germinate and take root in many places. Little Blue is not fussy as long as her roots are not too wet. You can find bunches growing in fields and along roadsides and railroad tracks. Even that place near by where no one lives may have a bunch of Bluestem.

Your teacher might even know where Little Bluestem is. A short walk might be all that is needed to visit her. If you find her, look around at the place where she has grown. Write down who the neighboring plants are or draw them if you don't know their names. Make as many observations about the place as you can, including the color of the soil and whether it is sandy or clay. How tall is Little Blue compared to the other plants? Along with your observations, make some notes about the day, the weather and time of year. What color is Little Blue today? Then come back for a visit in a month or two and make more observations. How has Little Bluestem changed? Has she grown taller? Has her color changed? Compare your notes with your last visit to see what else might have changed.

If you had a bunch of Little Bluestem growing in your yard or at your school, you could visit her often and see how she changes through the seasons.

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