Volunteer Opportunities

About Volunteers

KNPS volunteers are eager to share their knowledge about native plants, information on KNPS, or just help out with an activity. For certain types of volunteers, KNPS keeps a list of volunteers willing to help with programs, workshops, and hikes. When a request is made for this type of volunteer, KNPS matches a volunteer to the request.

Volunteer Tasks

  • Present a native plant related program
  • Offer a workshop such as seeding plants
  • Lead or assist with a native plant viewing hike
  • Interact with the public at an event booth
  • Help with a work day such as collecting seed or clearing invasive plants
  • Write a newsletter article for the KNPS newsletter


Present a program on native plants. This may be a Power point style presentation. You can create your own slide show using your own images. This is a fun way to share information and wildflower photos.

Program examples:

  • Wildflowers of the Flint Hills
  • Landscaping with Native Plants
  • Little Bluestem for State Grass (children)

Contact Us to volunteer to present a program.


Offer a workshop on native plant related topics. Sometimes a fee must be charged for workshops to cover materials and instructor expenses.

Workshop examples:

  • Wildflower Photography
  • Growing Wildflowers from Seed
  • Papermaking from Plant Fiber

Contact Us to volunteer to offer a workshop.

Plant Hike

We are always looking for people interested in leading a wildflower walk. This could be done at a public park, a garden, or on private land. You can learn more about our wildflower walks from our Event Description.

Contact Us to volunteer to lead a wildflower walk.

Event Booth

We have booths at garden shows and special events. You could help with set up and interacting with the public. All materials are provided. If you enjoy talking to the public this is a good opportunity.

Requests for help at an event booth will be sent through our Email List.

Work Day

We occasionally have workdays to control invasive species or collection prairie seed. This is a good way to get some hands on work with native plants.

Requests for help at a work day will be sent through our Email List.

Newsletter Article

Write a newsletter article pertaining to native plants. Articles are needed with any relation to native plants, such as gardening, invasive species, prairie management, restoration. This is a good way to share information with a wide audience. Learn more about the KNPS newsletter.

If you have an idea for an article, Contact Us and we will forward your idea to our newsletter editor.

Volunteer Announcements

To keep up to date on volunteer opportunities, join our Email List.

Request an Education Volunteer

We have a limited number of volunteers who are willing to help with outings or make presentations. You can Request a Volunteer to make a presentation or to lead an outing. We will let you know of the availability of any volunteers.