About Us

Wild Blue Indigo (Baptisia australis). Photo: Matthew Richter


KNPS encourages awareness and appreciation of the native plants of Kansas in their habitats and in our landscapes by promoting education, stewardship, and scientific knowledge. 

More than forty years ago, a group of native plant enthusiasts founded the Kansas Wildflower Society.


Since 2004,  as the Kansas Native Plant Society, we continue to build upon the mission of our founding members.

We are botanists, naturalists, gardeners, landscapers, farmers, ranchers, students, horticulturists, and more.


We are people with a passion for the native plants found in our Kansas landscapes. 

Want to know more about Kansas plants? Join KNPS! 

Some of our members’ favorite benefits include the quarterly printed Newsletter, advance notice about KNPS meetings events and connecting with other members. 

Diversity and Inclusion

It is our firm policy to invite members of the public to accept membership in KNPS without limitation on race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, and other characteristics protected by law. Indeed, access to the diversity of human experience through inclusion and outreach celebrates our native plant heritage and preserves it for future generations.

Read the complete KNPS Statement of Diversity, Inclusion, and Non-Discrimination Policy.

We have multiple opportunities for growth in all communication mediums. If you have an interest in native plants come join us! We are also seeking persons with grass roots experience in web, digital, and email communications, or if you seeking to work with people in blending current and traditional communications platforms, the Kansas Native Plant Society wants you! Please contact us.